CTET WhatsApp Group Links

Guys! If you want to become a teacher then you need to crack CTET which is popularly known as Central Teacher Eligibility Test. This test is mandatory for all people who want to be the teacher of classes 1 to 8. So if you are also preparing for the CTET test then you must join CTET WhatsApp Group Links. While preparing for this type of examination or test, people may have some questions in their mind which they want to ask the seniors or to people who have already cracked this examination before.

If you are also looking for people who can help you in this regard then you don’t need to be worried. In this post, you will get a variety of WhatsApp groups that belong to CTET. In these groups, you will meet with both the teachers and students of CTET. also, you will find exam preparation tips with exam papers and solved questions also. In this post I compiled the list of best CTET WhatsApp group links like CTET Classes Group Joining Link, CTET Tuition Point Group Joining Link, CTET pass Karlo Group joining link, CTET QUIZ AND DISCUSSION Group Joining Link, and many more.

CTET WhatsApp Group Links

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Guidelines for joining a CTET group

There are some guidelines that every group member must follow in order to get information from this group.

  • Only CTET students are allowed to join the group.
  • Respect both the teacher and pupils of the group.
  • Don’t use filthy words for any group member.
  • Only content related to CTET is allowed to share in the group.
  • Don’t share any spam links in the group.
  • There is no need to share their personal details in the group.
  • You are not allowed to share any outsider content in the group.
  • Religious and political content is banned in the group.
  • You can’t share any adult content in the group.

Follow the rules set by the admin.

How to Join the CTET WhatsApp Group?

Joining a WhatsApp group is now very easy. Follow the given steps to join the WhatsApp group.

  • Before joining the WhatsApp group first choose your favorite group from the above list.
  • After selecting the group click the group link to open the join button.
  • When you click the link a new page will appear with a group profile and join button.
  • Now hit the join button to join your favorite CTET WhatsApp group.
  • Congrats! Now you can learn from the experts.
  • Remember these Things while joining group

Before joining the WhatsApp group read the guidelines carefully. If you are not related to the CTET field then stay away from this WhatsApp group link. In these groups, you will easily be able to connect with the other members to know more about CTET.

you are free to ask questions with the other members. If you have any information and updates about CTET feel free to share that content in the group. You will also get an exam paper related to CTET which can help you in your preparation.


Guys, now you know the way to join the CTET WhatsApp Group Links. So don’t waste time on research and start your study for the exam. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends.

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